Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Pastor is a Disciple

Reminders like this one are so refreshing, challenging and motivating.


  1. I think the tendency of pastors (and other leaders who aren't/can't be called "pastor") can be to focus on the call to equip the saints for the ministry and leave little time or energy for doing the ministry themselves. Jesus didn't simply teach his disciples and then send them out (although that happened a few times), he took them along as he ministered to and taught the crowds. He taught by example. It also seems to me that a lot of his direct teaching of the disciples came about as response/debriefing of the ministry and teaching of the crowds. He used the opportunities and the questions raised by the disciples about what was happening to give them more explicit instruction.

    Something like this:
    1. Jesus took the disciples along in his daily life, traveling to another town, etc.
    2. They met people along the way who needed healing and forgiveness.
    3. Jesus ministered to them in their brokenness and called them to kingdom living.
    4. The disciples witnessed this, were amazed and confused.
    5. Jesus helped them to understand more about God, the kingdom, and how to live.

    Just some quick thoughts. What do you think? What implications might this have for how pastors/leaders think about ministering and equipping?

  2. I left a comment and it wouldn't post. So, to the above stuff you wrote, I agree. To the question: ministering and equipping should not be separated - two sides of the same coin. When a "pastor" graduates to solely an equipper, he should hang up his "robe". Just like Francis Chan did recently in order to truly become a minister/equipper.