Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jesus is Lord and King

My friend Tim has become a broken record.  On his twitter feed he keeps writing things like "The Lord Reigns," or  "The King is on the throne."  Then we have a prayer meeting and the first prayer out of his mouth is the acknowledgement of Jesus as king.  Then we partake of communion and he wants to propose a toast: "To the King." 

Proposing a toast over the Lord's supper?  How ... appropriate!

I was on the bus this morning thinking about the fact that Jesus is Lord and King.  It excited me, because I know that as I frame my life around this reality (which, by the way, Jesus did the initial framing for me), I will experience such freedom and joy.  Sharing that reality with others is becoming increasingly easier, more natural, and just-plain-gets-me-riled-up in a good way as I experience that freedom and joy

Of course it's a process, but as I'm increasingly sensing the freedom that comes from living under the reign of Jesus, I long to share that joy with others.  That's what the Gospel does.  It helps us live in freedom and joy under the reign of Jesus.

I've often defaulted to thinking about the Gospel as "the-thing-I-share-with-other-people-so-that-they-can-get-saved-and-get-on-with-life."  Deep down, I've known it's more than this, but I have functionally lived my life with a Gospel that is less than the Gospel of the King and his kingdom.  I have lived with a Gospel that is less than all-encompassing.  I've lived with a Gospel that is less than Gospel, really.  It's less than Gospel if it doesn't start with Jesus as Lord and King of everything. 

Am I right?  Am I stating the obvious here?  Maybe so, but I'll take that kind of obvious for the sake of experiencing the freedom and joy that King Jesus paid with his life for me to experience.

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